Cadenhead's Cologne Shopping Bag

Burnside™ Distillery 26y/o

Preis: (inkl. MwSt.) 189,00 EUR (1 Liter = 270,00 EUR)
Alter:26 Jahre
Alkoholgehalt:48,8 %
Inhalt:0.70 Liter

Burnside™ Distillery - Blended Malt - 26y/o 48,8% 282btls. Bourbon Barrels; Nose: Marshmallows; lemon meringue pie with runny toffee and hints of blueberries. Palate: Custard creams; almonds; slightly salty with growing citrus fruits. Finish: Creamy, hints of coffee beans with honey and dried apricots; The Burnside trademark for bottled Whisky is owned by J & A Mitchel & Co. Ltd, the parent company of WM Cadenheads Ltd, so no one else should be able to bottle this Whisky under this name.