Cadenhead's Cologne Shopping Bag

Tobermory Distillery 1995 21y/o

Preis: (inkl. MwSt.) 105,00 EUR (1 Liter = 150,00 EUR)
Alter:21 Jahre
Alkoholgehalt:52,5 %
Inhalt:0.70 Liter

Tobermory Distillery 1995 21y/o 52,5% 450btls. 2x Bourbon Hogsheads; Nose: Salty, waxed leather, salted pork, little smoke and drying Palate: Saltiness continues, slight smokiness emerges further, undertones of custard creams and a short waxy note Finish: Ash, dry, cooked fruits, peppery, salted popcorn and digestive biscuit notes