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The Small Concern Distillery 1996 21y/o (Tasmania)

The Small Concern Distillery 1996 21y/o (Tasmania)
Preis: (inkl. MwSt.) 139,00 EUR (1 Liter = 198,57 EUR)
Alter:21 Jahre
Alkoholgehalt:56,3 %
Inhalt:0.70 Liter

Tasmanian Single Malt from The Small Concern Distillery 20y/o (1996) 56,3% Bourbon Barrel

Nose: Chocolate covered peanuts, burnt wood and pecans.
Taste: Burnt toffee, spicy oak, vanilla soft wood smoke and caramel.
Finish: Drying woodiness and then peanut butter and coffee beans. Cradle Mountain Whisky is a brand which comes from significant pedigree.

Describtion: It claims the title of the first Commercial Australian Whisky Company under its previous name “The Small Conern Whisky Distillery”. Cradle Mountain Whisky was first distilled by Brian Poke in the early 90’s and was set to age in American Oak Barrels.
In 1994 one of the early team members, Andrew Morrison, visited Scotland with a barrel sample, of the then just 15 months old whisky. He took it to independent bottlers, William Cadenheads, the marketing arm of Springbank Distillery, to get some perspective on the quality of the young whisky. Springbank was impressed and ordered seven barrels, which in the early days was a big deal for the company as well as the industry.